To meet your needs, GM Equipment offers a complete range of services::
  1. Fast delivery everywhere in Europe

    GM Equipment delivers you everywhere in Europe with no minimum purchase requirements. As a logistics specialist, we are able to comply with your needs, strorage space and packaging requests. An answer for every need: product unit, cardboard box, pallet, large volume and container.
    Contact us for more information.

  2. Orders flexibility
    GM equipment is able to split up the dispatch of your orders as you wish. As a result, we can deliver to all your sites.
    Contact us to study together your request.
  3. Made to measure
    GM equipment can produce, for you and your customers, made to measure items that meet your needs.
    GM Equipment offers different made to measure products: first aid kits, medicine cabinets, disposable personal protective kits, disposable bedding kits …
    To select your composition, contact our sales team to communicate your expectations. We will suggest you a proposition as soon as possible
  4. Non-catalogue requests
    Specialized in trading, GM Equipment looks for the right product matching your needs.
    Contact our sales team to communicate your special needs. We will answer you as soon as possible. 
  5. Orders in step
    Define your needs and the pace you want to be delivered. GM equipment takes care of everything!
    Orders in step is simple and allows you to save time, money on your storage costs and ensure continuous availability of stock.
    Contact our team for more information about this service. 

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