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Being in a particular economic situation, we offer you this post to quickly identify the just-in-time products that we have in stock.

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Wiping range - cotton wool
Cleaning range
Hydro-alcoholic wipes box 200
Single use equipment range - Hands
OJM025 Blue powdered latex gloves for agro
OJM127 White vinyl gloves Powder free M / L / XL / Medical certification
Single use equipment range - Head
OJT115 3-ply blue PP mask
OJT287 Type I 3-ply blue PP mask
OJT285 Blue PP 3-ply Type II mask with ties
NJT201 Protective glasses
NJT202 Clear glasses
OJT001 Caps Diam 20cm
OJT005 Diam 20cm caps with net
Single use equipment - Body
Disposable blue aprons 30/50 / 70µ
Single use equipment - Feet
Disposable overboots