Find our selection of disposable products for feet protection.

Disposable overshoes and overboots

Dispenser of disposable products

Disposable overshoes and overboots

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GM Equipement proposes a range of disposable overshoe and overboots.

Using no-woven overshoe avoid bringing dirtiness inside.

Reference Description Dimensions (cm) Color Packaging Box Palet
OJP001 Waterproof overshoe 38 x 15 Blue Bag of 100 Box of 20 bags 54 boxes
OJP010 Nonwoven Overshoe 38 x 20 White - Dispenser box of 400 units 48 boxes
OJP020 Overshoe with non-slip soles 42 x 18 Blue and White Box of 100 Box of 5 boxes 20 boxes
OJP031 Waterproof overboot 45 x 40 Transparent - Box of 500 units 30 boxes

Dispenser of disposable products

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In order to use your disposables products easily, GM Equipment proposes a selection of dispenser.

They are in keeping with HACCP process and the health is guarantee for the use of these disposables products.

These dispenser are adapted for different kind of products: mobcap, hairnet cap, beard mask, overshoes and overboots…

Reference Dimensions (cm) Color Capacity
NJS699 31 x 13 x 13 Inox 100 units
NJS700 41 x 20 x 20 Inox 200 units
NJS711 31 x 13 x 13 Lacquered white 100 units

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