What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer when you visit a website. This text file records information that can be read by a website when you visit it again later. Some of these cookies are necessary to access certain features of a site. Other cookies are of practical use to the visitor: they securely save your username or language preferences, for example. Cookies simply mean that each time you visit a website, you don't have to enter the same information again.

Why do we use cookies?

GM Equipment uses cookies to provide you with an optimal user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies, GM Equipment ensures that you do not have to enter the same information each time you visit our online store. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of the site, for example it helps you to reconnect more easily to your customer account.

GM Equipment has taken all organizational and technical measures to protect your personal data as well as any possible loss of information or any form of unlawful processing.

For more information, see our privacy policy page..

How can I deactivate cookies?

You can configure your Internet browser to disable cookies. Note, however, that if you disable cookies, your username and password will no longer be saved on any website.